Dinner Menu - Happy Diwali!

4pm - 9pm

Plates to share
Warm Olives and Feta (GF) (V) 
Marinated with Garlic, Rosemary, and Olive oil.
Kaddu Meerut Wala GF/VN/V/DF
Mum’s Special sweet & sour pumpkin cooked with fenugreek seeds served on corn chips with Tamarind chutney, nylon sev & fresh coriander. 
Jaya’s Papdi Chaat (V)
Mum’s special potato fillings with homemade coriander and tamarind chutney served with salted oven baked crisps, crispy nylon sev dusting & fresh coriander. 
Jalapeño Poppers (V)
Green Jalapeño chili stuffed with mozzarella & cream cheese.
Corn & Cheese Croquettes (V)
Cheese, corn, basil, nutmeg and potato. 
Tempura Tiger Prawns
Deep fried head to tail tiger prawns served with YUM-YUM sauce. 
Pork Dumpling
Homemade Steamed Pork dumplings served with Nam-Jim Sauce.
When Eggplant Met Tandoor ?(V)   
Doubled Smoked & Smashed Indian spiced eggplant, fresh tomato, pickled onion & coriander served with homemade Naan bread tacos.
Awadh ka Chicken
Indian spiced, fragrant & creamy chicken cooked in tandoor with perfection, served with homemade coriander yoghurt & pickled onion.   
Salt & Pepper Squid
Deep fried Squid served with Nam-Jim sauce.       
Oysters | Minimum 6
Raw oysters with mignonette sauce. 
Jaya’s Cheese Platter
Assorted local cheese, Aged prosciutto, Danish salami served with crackers, honeycomb, beetroot hummus & ciabatta bread.

MUM’S LOVE (Mains)
Thank you, Mummy for your love and mouth-watering food recipes. 
Rajma Sunday Wala (V)
Red kidney beans cooked with homemade Indian spices, fresh coriander, ginger, and served with aged long grain Basmati Rice.
Bareilly ke Chole (V)        
Chickpea cooked with whole garam masala, Indian spices, fresh coriander & ginger served with aged long grain Basmati Rice. 
Tadka Wala Palak Paneer (V)        
Smoked spinach puree, tempered in garlic, Kashmiri red chilli & ginger served with homemade creamy paneer & aged long grain Basmati Rice. 
Civil lines Murg Makhani (Butter Chicken)          
Creamy butter sauce cooked with tandoori chicken and Indian aromatic spices, toasted fenugreek, Kashmiri red chilli served with aged long grain Basmati Rice.  
Taka -Tak Salmon         
Grilled salmon, homemade spicy fragrant coconut sauce, chefs specials herb mix, crispy shallots, toasted sesame seeds served on aged long grain basmati rice bed.     

Top & Bottom Or Naked 
Classic Beef Burger
NZ beef patty, charred onions, smoked cheddar, crispy lettuce, gherkins, tomato, aioli and BBQ sauce on Brezelmania bun served with fries. 
Jaya’s Chicken Burger 
Charred spiced chicken, pickled red onions, coriander yoghurt sauce & coleslaw on Brezelmania bun served with fries.  
Spicy Paneer Burger (V)  
Panko crumbed spicy paneer, crispy lettuce, sweet and spicy Kewpie Mayo on Brezelmania bun served with fries. 
Parle Vada Pav (V)    
Savoury & spiced deep fried potato dumpling coated in chickpea batter, served with homemade coriander chutney & dry garlic chutney ( peanut, dry coconut, sesame seeds) on Pav Bun. 

Steak Cut Fries with Aioli   
Kumara Fries with Aioli     


Kids Meals
Kids Cheese Burger   
NZ Beef patty, cheese, tomato sauce, Brezelmania bun served with fries. 

Zelati brown sugar vanilla ice cream 
Zelati strawberry rose sorbet
Gulab Jamun   
Gulab jamun, sugar syrup, pistachio with Zelati ice cream.
(GF) Gluten Free  (V) Vegetarian  (VN) Vegan  (DF) Dairy Free
Food Cooked in Medium spiced Level.
We can serve Vegan dishes, please inform wait staff